Your Online Medical Prescription Dose Is Here To Stay


Under normal circumstances, doctor to patient care and similar attention to detail from pharmacists is best conducted in person. Appointments are necessarily scheduled in the interests of fairness to all concerned and required to attend a busy surgery. Sometimes there are days when the surgery is just so busy, waiting more than an hour to be attended to is not uncommon. And that’s with a doctor’s appointment. The same goes for busy retail pharmacies. This environment can be conducive to noise and other disturbances and human error is always possible.

It becomes quite critical when a doctor entrusts his patient with a medical prescription to be seen to by the pharmacist. Will the patient even make it to the retail pharmacy or will he skip town if you will? Will the correct dosage information be dispensed? Answers to these and a number of other questions will be positive when medical prescriptions and respondent and appropriate unit dose packaging is conducted online via an installed software system custom designed for doctor to patient to pharmacist interactions.

It is a good system to have in place when there are emergencies. Critical communications can be processed online in the event that direct person to person contact is not possible. Appropriate medical prescriptions can be scheduled accurately and on time and, at the same time, if necessary, recommended treatment and care procedures can be prioritized and set in motion without any cause for delay. Where doctor intervention is not strictly required, nursing services can be dispensed through this system.

It is ideal for environments where long waiting periods for patients are possible. Time and money can be saved and a user-friendly system allows close collaboration among all stakeholders to provide improved accuracy and better care.